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Mar 18

Editorial: Six Really Good Reasons to Buy an iPad - Right Away -

There are plenty of articles floating around that advise one to wait on the iPad, not buy one sight unseen, or not buy one at all - especially of you already have a Mac and an iPhone. I believe…


Mar 17

Stunning Glimpse Into The Future Of Magazines -

Take a gander at the clip up there. It’s been forty-odd years since Bobb Goldsteinn coined the term “multimedia,” but I think — and maybe you’ll agree with me — this is the first time I’ve…

Adam The Robot Scientist Makes Its First Discovery -

adam robot scientist

Professor Ross King with robot scientist Adam. Although the cost and large size of the robot makes it impractical to have one in every laboratory, both factors should decrease over…

Mar 16


Mar 12

AppleInsider | Apple's iPhone 4.0 software to deliver multitasking support -

Skönt, och hoppas de stämmer. Inte för att jag själv saknat det så förfärligt mycket - utan för att jag är såååå tröööött på tjatet.


Mar 10


Mar 09

Next big thing from Steve Jobs.

Next big thing from Steve Jobs.

Mar 08

Kojiro humanoid goes musculoskeletal in a big way -

We just found a new friend. Kojiro, a humanoid being built by the University of Tokyo’s JSK Robotics Laboratory, has a detailed musculoskeletal system built to mimic the human body….