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Why is it always the wifi card that dies first?

I’ve had a multitude of different computers since the birth of wifi technology, and every single one of them has experienced the same faith - death of the wifi card. This has happened before anything else has gone (the screen, the hard drive, the keyboard has always outlasted the wifi card). Regardless of maker, pc or mac, IBM, Dell or Apple - the wifi card always dies first. I have a heap of old hardware saved that is usable in every other respect, except for wifi functionality. Sometimes I buy an external USB (or equivalent) wifi add-on to prolong the life of a machine. But after some time I always give up and just shop for a new machine. Each and every mac, just like my current 2008 17-inch MacBook Pro, has lost it’s wifi abilities (yes I know it’s time to upgrade). But here comes the question: why is that? Is there some secret code hidden inside each widi chip rendering them useless after X amount of time? Are all wifi cards derivatives of one single maker, say Cisco or Huawei? There are no movable parts on a wifi chip (like in a hard drive) - are they overheating causing silicon to melt and start leaking? I’ve talked about this with many other laptop owners, and very often they share the same experience. Time for some class-action investigation and suing? Whaddayasay? Have any idea why this is so, and is your experience the same?